3/14/11 Jet black and white colt.. Sire Bold Silk--Dam: SM Knights Elation ,FOR SALE ~~SOLD~~
3/29/11 dark bay filly,
Tall and elegant! Sire: Hollywood Knight JC~~Dam: SM Snow Sparkles FOR
SALE $2500.00
3/30/11 Super tall,
elegant bay filly with large star! Sire:Hollywood Knight JC~~Dam:Sm Sparkling
in Silk. FOR SALE $2500.00

Super big, beautiful 4-8-11
colt.. Sire: Bold Silk~~Dam: Bold Kelsie~~SM BoldSecretsNSilk~~ See him on the stallion pages.

Very fancy buttermilk
buckskin dun colt, born 4-8-11. Sire: Bold Silk~~Dam:El's Exclusivelyfoxy,
FOR SALE $4500.00.SOLD

4-13-11 Super flashy
colt! Sire: Re-Advanced~~Dam: SM In Red Silk "Sis".FOR SALE $1500.00 SOLD

Super cute,bay/snowflake
blanket, 4-26-11 filly! Sire: Hollywood Knight JC~Dam: SM In the Starlights~SOLD
5-14-11,Big flashy colt.
Sire: Expedient Blend~~Dam SM Harmony in Silk x Bold Silk.~SOLD~
Tall,fancy, jet black blanketed colt. Sire: Bold Silk~~Dam:SM Exclusively Gold, FOR SALE $6500.00~SOLD~