4-7-21 Black Filly SM Silks Reflection x  SM A Knight Advanced   NFS

4-25-21 Bay and White Colt  SM Splendor in Silk x SM A Knight Advanced        SOLD

4-24-21 Black and White Filly  SM Silk Rosette x SM Bold SecretsnSilk   SOLD

5-13-21 Black and White Colt  SM So Fancy in Silk x SM Last Bold Knight   SOLD

B5-17-21 Bay And White Filly SM Silky Thea x SM Bold Secretsnsilk For Sale

5-19-21 Black Filly  A Night Ncluded x SM Bold Secretsnsilk   NFS

5-20-21 Black Colt w/ snowflakes  SM Symphony In Silk x SM Last Bold Knight   For Sale